C. Michael McAdams


This monograph is intended to explore the background of a few of the more common myths in a readable, nonacademic format; therefore footnotes and endnotes were not used. However, dozens of articles and monographs have appeared covering many of the same myths over the years.

The author acknowledges the work of every scholar, writer, and journalist who has previously published articles about one or more of these myths. The first two English editions of this monograph included a bibliography with many sources from the 1930s through the 1970s, some of which were out-of-print and difficult to locate. Since 1991 hundreds of books and thousands of articles have appeared making a complete bibliography impractical for a volume of this size. The following abbreviated, annotated bibliography includes only recent and available English language works dealing with today's Croatia and Bosnia.

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Edición electrónica de Studia Croatica, 1998